About the Firm

For over 20 years, the attorneys of Rivera & Associates have focused their practice on providing the best possible representation for their clients at reasonable rates. The strength of Rivera & Associates lies in the experience, teamwork and collaboration between our attorneys, staff, and insurance professionals. Our lawyers have more than a century of combined experience and are recognized for their expertise in the profession throughout the Greater Sacramento, Central Valley, and Bay Area. We are proud to be a minority-owned law firm and offer the experienced advocates that our clients demand and deserve.

When an impending lawsuit looms, it is more critical than ever for insurers to partner with legal counsel who have a proven track record of success. Without the right team in place, trial costs skyrocket, risks increase exponentially, and courtroom strategies may fail. Rivera & Associates have a team of experienced trial attorneys with an extensive record of achieving successful outcomes and meeting client expectations both in and outside the courtroom.

Rivera & Associates bring keen strategic insights and innovative ideas to all types of civil litigation. Our approach is to be proactive as we pride ourselves on developing strategies in collaboration with our clients that prioritize their objectives and exceed their definition of success.

In addition to our trial experience, Rivera & Associates knows how to effectively manage significant and complex cases. Our staffing helps you achieve your objectives for any given case and put forward the most persuasive argument at mediation, arbitration, or trial. We utilize an array of technology enabling us to collaborate closely with our clients, manage litigation budgets, and effectively communicate with in-house counsel and claims administrators. We pride ourselves on seamless collaboration with clients at every stage of the case.